Manama Packaging Industry W.L.L. is an industry leader in the production and conversion of flexible packaging including laminated and printed multi-layered substrates of film and foil. We utilize high quality Rotogravure and Flexography printing. Our Co-extrusion lines offer high quality PE Films for different lamination applications such as: Shampoo, Oil, Ghee, Spices, Detergents, Hot-Fill Juice, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Milk Powder, Minerals , Chemicals, etc.


Flexible Packaging Laminates 

Manama Packaging Industry has been serving proudly almost all the Industries with its versatile product ranges in the Flexible Packaging Laminates , w​here the main focus is on printing technology, attractiveness of the design and product on display, besides the barrier properties, perverseness  of aroma and freshness of product, Manama Packaging has proven its technicalities with its Quality 2 Ply, 3 Ply and 4 Ply Laminates, along with the immense sensitiveness and attraction in printing design and maintaining the Quality and Product parameters.

MPI is capable of producing both Hotseal & Coldseal laminates, and offers different material structures having high quality Rotogravure and Flexo-Graphic print for :

  • Instant Milk and Juice Powders
  • Powdered Soups, Creams, Jelly's and Caramels
  • Tomato Ketchup, Tomato Paste, Mayonnaise, Sauce and Spices
  • Frozen and Dry Foods
  • Top and Bottom Webs
  • Tea and Coffee, Mocha
  • Fresh Potato Chips, Corn and Maize Snacks, Chocolates, Biscuits, Wafers, Toffees, Chewing    Gums, Lolly Pops and other confectionery Products 
  • Single Layer Packaging of Cast and Bi –Axial Oriented Polypropylene for Bakery and Pastry Products
  • Single and multi-layered laminates and films for other various applications such as powdered detergents , soaps, surfs, liquid soaps etc.

Manama Packaging has always been focused on the Technological Demands of Processed and Cooked food packaging laminates, where very high barrier properties are required to retain the freshness, aroma and the taste of the product , and have been offering the following material structures (in various thickness and dimensions) :

  • PET + Alu. Foil + PET + PE
  • PET + Alu. Foil + PE
  • PET + MET PET + PE
  • BOPP + Alu. Foil + PE
  • PET + Alu. Foil + CPP/MCPP
  • BOPP + PE
  • PET + PE Easy Peal
  • PA + PE 5 Layer
  • BOPP + BOPP White Opaque
  • BOPP + BOPP Pearlized
  • BOPP  Translucent
  • BOPP White Opaque
  • BOPP Pearlized

Other material structures for specific applications can also be converted and produced depending on the availability of the material its specific properties





Bags & Pouches for Gener​al Consumersand Commercial/Industrial Sectors

We offer a wide range of LD/HD/PP Bags and Pouches in different material combinations.

Examples are: ​

  • Shopping/Carrier Bags: LD/HD bottom/side sealed, gusseted with various handle types (e.g. vest, die-cut, loop, banana punch etc.) for shopping outlets /hyper markets
  • Zipper Pouches: PE pouches with re-closable grip type zipper
  • Refuse Sacks/Garbage Bags: LD/HD bags including biodegradable bags for waste disposal applications (also available in rolls with perforation for easy tear)
  • Laundry Bags: LDPE bags for laundry applications
  • Drawstring Bags: PE bags with string to facilitate closing of the bag
  • Mail/Courier Bags: LD/HD bags with re-sealable/permanent adhesive flaps
  • Table Covers: HD films in roll form
  • Bags for packing chemicals and other industrial material
  • Diaper/Sanitary Napkin (Wicketed Bags) Bags for hygienic disposal





Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

  • Retort pouches for heat sterilization​
  • Multi-ply printed laminations for powdered cold and flu remedies, and for moist towelette swabs​
  • Cold forming laminations​
  • Soft chew inner and outer wraps for nutriceutical products​
  • Plain pouchstock laminations





Snacks and Confectionery

  • Various printed laminated structures like BOPP/MOPP, BOPP/MCPP, OPP/White Opaque BOPP are the general structures applied for the snacks.
  • Pearlised OPP for packaging of biscuits.
  • High clarity printed PP bags for confectionery products.


Frozen Food Films

MPI's Frozen film have excellent physical & crack resistance properties under low Freeze temperatures, along with very good seal integrity as well as high ink stability under extreme freezing conditions.

We offer Multilayer Co-Extruded film and white or transparent and laminated PET/PE as well.

Moreover , Our film solutions can be delivered in reels or Bags forms upon request.

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