Being quality focused, our highly competent Quality Assurance Personnel cover the production line round the clock. We are equipped with the modern laboratory where various properties such as tensile, impact, C.O.F and Organoleptic properties etc. are tested. Starting from the incoming raw material, Quality control is applied at each stage of the production until the final stage of packing and delivery. Moreover, we have effective systems in place to ensure trace-ability of the product right from the stage of raw materials to finished products.

We also house a fully functional Micro-Biology Lab next to our Quality Testing Area to ensure that the material produced is free from fatal pathogens, as well as to test whether the products are suitable and sustainable for food packaging. A dedicated team of qualified and experienced personnel is working consistently in our lab to further develop new and existing products, allowing for a great improvement in our manufactured laminates and films. The drive towards Research & Development has also helped MPI to achieve global standards in packing field, as well as ensured sustainable growth and innovation in future. Following tests are done in the routine for generating the Certificate of Analysis, a copy of which is given to the customers with each delivery :

  • Gas Chromatography
  • Dynamic or Static Coefficient of Friction
  • Cold / Heat Seal Strength
  • Bursting Strength
  • Bond Strength
  • Pin Hole Detection and Measurement

  • Dart Impact
  • Color Spectrometry
  • Hot Tack
  • Ocular Density
  • Compression Strength
  • Blocking Measurement
  • Seal Leakage

Apart from following high quality standards , Manama Packaging Industry W.L.L. also understands its Corporate Social Responsibility and takes further steps to conform to the environmental standards of the country as per the Law. The products are manufactured using materials that conform to the environmental and health standards. The inks and adhesives used are ensured to be suitable for food-grade applications and to fulfil the necessary food safety requirements. Our Suppliers are required to undergo a formal process of documentation upon delivery of goods , specifying that the material provided is food grade and suitable for usage in food and related applications.​​

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